The Hibermate sleep mask is a super-comfortable, luxury eye mask with removable ear muffs specially designed to be slept with. The ear muff is made from very soft, medical grade silicone with sound-reducing memory foam inserts. 

Single band sleep masks can slip either up or down at the back or come off when you’re sleeping, so we designed an innovative, dual-strap sleep mask which helps the mask comfortably stay in place all night long and ensure full adjustability. 

The product is really comfortable for side sleepers, back sleepers, front sleepers and if you’re travelling or resting (i.e. sitting upright). 

Really wish I had this for plane journeys! Hibermate is funding on Kickstarter now (not like they need more - they’re already at 3x their goal!)

(Source: kickstarter.hibermate.com)