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Street Typography

A short video of two craftsmen at work.

The Public Theatre ‘14/’15 Campaign

Pentagram’s Paula Scher puts a new slant on her iconic identity for the Public Theater in the campaign for the institution’s 2014-2015 season, launching this month. Designed with Kirstin Huber, Senior Graphic Designer at the Public, promotions for the upcoming slate of productions use skewed typography for a dynamic take on the theater’s signature look. The campaign marks the 20th anniversary of Scher’s continuing collaboration with the Public.

The new approach was first introduced in the campaign for this summer’s edition of Shakespeare in the Park. Set in Knockout, the font of the Public identity, the season typography skews right or left in alternating bands or plays off strong photography. The campaign updates the classic pop look of the Public Theater graphics, which incorporate photographic images against flat color backgrounds, this time in an arresting palette of black, white and yellow.

The graphics makes a dramatic impression on the street outside the Public, where the campaign has been installed in poster boxes that flank the theater’s entrance, as well on matching banners on the restored façade. The campaign can also be seen in a season brochure, in print advertisements in major publications, and on the Public’s redesigned website.”

Read more on Pentagram’s website.


Boreálica is a clinic that specializes in Whole Body Cryotherapy. Our proposal draws inspiration from the most frigidly cold places on Earth, the North and South poles. Using a frosty color palette of white, grey and holographic foil we communicate the nature of Boreálica's glacial services. The monogram is designed based on the traditional symbolic representation of temperature, using the signs around Boreálica's “B” to round up the brand's cool factor. Overall, we strived to create a brand that would convey the values of health, technology and hygiene to a target market consisting of professional athletes and health-conscious people.”

Branding by Anagrama


Designed with the goal of merging sculptural flair into a commercial product, Kai is a stackable, metal, wire-frame chair designed and made in Britain. Aimed at the domestic and contract markets, the chair can be powder coated in a wide range of colours to increase both adaptability and durability.

Every detail and line has been considered and perfected during the design of Kai. From the subtle flare of the front legs that enable elegant and secure stacking, to the gradient spacing between the bars to provide optimal support and comfort where it is required most.

Designed by Daniel Lau

Rainbow Pencils

“Everybody uses pencils. From designers, writers and architects, to babysitters and receptionists. Pencils are just as at home with children as they are with adults and are a fundamental tool for creativity and learning.

When I started this project, I was looking at ways in which, without interfering with its basic function, I could improve such a standardized, accepted product to make people happier when they use it. That became rainbow pencils.”

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